About Re-Marketing Network

Northstar, partnered with Visiseek, offer access to top tier and long-tail publisher sites. Currently we are accessing billions of available ad impressions on a daily basis. Northstar accesses these impressions in real-time by utilizing our proprietary media trading platform. We use buy-side algorithms and focus on supply and yield management to provide advertisers with the highest possible return on ad spend.
Our re-marketing technology allows you to show ads to consumers who have previously visited your website as they continue to browse the Web.
  • Stay in touch with consumers interested in your products
  • Display personalized ads reinforcing your brand
  • Access the world’s largest clearing house of unsold ad space
  • Spend your ad budget more efficiently
  • Increase return visitors and conversions by up to 20%
  • Out brand the competition and win sales during the buying cycle
The above chart shows sample top tier sites where Northstar has inventory access.

How it works

A tag will be placed on the key pages of your website that will allow you to serve customized ads to prospects that left your site without converting. These tags help create targeted segments and correlate to appropriate creative combinations. Anonymous cookie data is placed on the prospect’s computer. No adware or spyware is ever added to a prospects computer. The cookie data we place is only used to show re-marketing ads on publisher’s websites.
The above chart illustrates a simplified re-marketing flow. A visitor/prospect reached your website and an anonymous cookie is placed. Once a user reaches a publisher site within the Northstar network, our technology syncs to serve the prospect the right ad at the right time. We target prospects within a 72-hour window with 3-5 banner impressions.

Dedicated Re-Marketing Account Specialist

Northstar is dedicated to our client’s success and assigns each advertiser with a Re-Marketing Account Specialist. Depending on the advertiser’s needs, an Account Specialist is available for weekly or bi-weekly review calls. We take pride in our customer service and are available via phone, email, or skype. Account Specialists guide advertisers through the complex display eco-system and clarify all reporting and campaign implementation questions.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Advertiser reporting can be accessed in real-time via the stats. Northstar analytics system similar to Google analytics / Google AdWords. The Northstar Stats analytic s system offers reports to be pulled and exported via excel or .csv and also be emailed upon a schedule.
The system includes conversion tracking and either static or dynamic revenue values may be passed back into the system to track Ecommerce sales from Re-Marketing efforts. Outside of the standard click to conversion tracking, Northstar offers post view click and conversion tracking. Post view tracking allows advertisers to assign a value to the prospects that viewed the ad but did not click on it. These prospects either returned to the site via direct navigation or a search query. All Northstar analytics can run simultaneously with Google Analytics.

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