SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science of preparing your website to appear in the search engines when specific keywords are entered. Northstar is an expert in this area, and we employ practices that are Google-sanctioned to help rank your website. All of our websites are built with the best out-of-the-box SEO practices, and our CMS includes editable fields for the items that are important for SEO. There are several aspects of SEO that we address to achieve our goals:

Onsite SEO

On your website you have code, images and text content. In preparing your website to rank in the search engines, we alter all three of these to make sure that you are displaying the optimal information in a way that is easy for search engines to read. Onsite SEO includes the following steps:
  1. Keyword Research: Using tools that show us statistics about certain keywords such as the -est level of competition and the -est amount of traffic to decide which keyword targets we should assign to certain pages of the website.
  2. Content optimization: Altering the text, images and videos on the website and cross-linking where appropriate to optimally display your keyword research to the search engines with natural keyword density and frequency.
  3. Code Optimization: Changing code throughout your website to enable search engines to read your content easily and categorize it logically.
  4. Navigation Optimization: Working with the navigation structure of your website to enable search engines to easily see which pages reside where and which ones are the most important to rank.
  5. Link Sculpting: Adding code to specific links on the website to help channel the search engine’s trust of your website pages.
  6. Sitemap creation and publishing: Adding an .xml sitemap file to your site that displays each page of your website with its relative importance and location to the search engines.
  7. Content Development: Adding quality content to your site with specific keyword targets in mind to draw in traffic and engage your viewers.

Offsite SEO

Outside of your website, there are other websites that link to your content in various ways. We work with other websites to improve the ways in which they can link to you and to procure additional links to your website. This work can come in many forms, depending on the specific topic area of your website. Some examples of sites we would work with on offsite SEO include:
  1. Blogs
  2. Forums
  3. Search Engine Submissions
  4. General Web Directories
  5. Industry Specific Directories
  6. Paid Advertising Opportunities
  7. Online Press Releases
  8. Online News Outlets
  9. Ezines
  10. Industry Partners
If you are located in the San Diego area, please see our San Diego-specific SEO services to help increase your presence in the search engines for San Diego-related searches.
If you are interested in increasing your presence in your local area and want to increase the number of calls and inquiries to your local business, then our Local SEO programs may be perfect for you. We increase your visibility in local search directories, raise your ranks on Google local, and place a link to your business in a prominent location on Google Maps, so whenever someone searches in your local area, they’ll see you.
We have our own CMS (Content Management System) that is optimal for SEO, but also specialize in WordPress SEO and Joomla SEO. Both the Wordpress and Joomla CMS systems have special considerations that need to be taken into account for SEO, and we are experienced in working with both.
While SEO for Google is our main focus, many searches also come from Yahoo's directory and related websites, so we maintain a special focus on Yahoo SEO. Yahoo has a number of specialized sections of their website that are important to address to receive optimal exposure in this search engine. We are experts at preparing websites that rank in the Yahoo web properties.
Do you have a website that is developed using PHP? We are specialists in PHP SEO. We have worked with and created complex PHP-driven websites and are experienced with getting these websites to rank highly in the search engines.
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Testimonials: Ability to Rise to Any Challenge

Northstar Internet has always worked hard for us. When creating our website, they really put all of their creative abilities into it, not because they had to but because they wanted to. I really appreciate their ability to rise to any challenge I provide, with ease.
Sharon Mintz
Head Designer, Organic Elements